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Clothes and Accessories

Clothes and Accessories

"Action" SoftShell Jacket

The versatile softshell jacket for harsh weather conditions provides reliable protection from wind and light precipitation while maintaining a high level of comfort thanks to a modern highly efficient..

9,880.0₽ Ex Tax: 9,880.0₽

"ACU-M" Camouflage Trousers

An upgraded version of the trousers from the American army field uniform ACU. Modernization concerns both changes in the cut of the last generation of the original American form, and its own developme..

3,820.0₽ Ex Tax: 3,820.0₽


Lightweight, durable gloves will help you forget about the prickly bushes of the foothills, calluses from trekking poles or bicycle handlebars, and also add reliability to your hands on the rock insur..

2,400.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,400.0₽


Is it possible not to love winter?Of course! Especially if you have never held ski poles in your hands, squeezed the steering wheel of a snowmobile or paraglider slings, did not draw the first trace o..

3,760.0₽ Ex Tax: 3,760.0₽


An oar, a rope, a bicycle handlebar or a catamaran tiller — these gloves can do everything on the shoulder, or rather on the palm. Thanks to the complex cut, they sit as if poured in.The artificial le..

2,600.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,600.0₽


Why does summer always pass so quickly?!You will not have time to change bulky clothes for your favorite shorts, and the birds are already gathering in flocks to train before long-distance flights. Ho..

7,175.0₽ Ex Tax: 7,175.0₽

A Set Of Belts For IPSC-Arrows 40 Mm

A set of two belts (external and internal) for practical shooting and placement of attachments. It has increased bending strength, thanks to a reinforced steel insert.When choosing the necessary lengt..

5,425.0₽ Ex Tax: 5,425.0₽

Aconcagua Tracking Socks (401)

High-density warm winter socks with textured thermal zones. Made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials: the use of both merino wool and Outlast synthetic material provides thermal insu..

2,780.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,780.0₽

All-Season Waterproof Gloves (Keeptex)

Lightweight, elastic and durable spandex combined with high-quality leather make these waterproof breathable gloves very comfortable and comfortable. Specially designed for outdoor use at any time of ..

5,780.0₽ Ex Tax: 5,780.0₽

Andes Tracking Socks (334)

The use of X-Static® antistatic channel fiber with additional silver impregnation made it possible to create a structure with excellent breathability, thermoregulation, while giving it antibacterial a..

1,462.0₽ Ex Tax: 1,462.0₽

Anorak Windproof Jacket (4 Layer)

Anorak made of windproof and moisture-repellent, breathable raincoat material. Composition: 100% polyester-durable, non-creasing, quick-drying.The anorak is designed to be worn with 2-4 layers of clot..

8,653.0₽ Ex Tax: 8,653.0₽

Antimicrobial Socks "Silver"

Socks with nano-silver particlesSilver has the most powerful bactericidal effect, it is able to destroy about 650 species of microbes, viruses and fungi.Silver ions are harmless to the cells of the hu..

472.0₽ Ex Tax: 472.0₽

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