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Lightweight, durable gloves will help you forget about the prickly bushes of the foothills, calluses from trekking poles or bicycle handlebars, and also add reliability to your hands on the rock insur..

2,400.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,400.0₽


Is it possible not to love winter?Of course! Especially if you have never held ski poles in your hands, squeezed the steering wheel of a snowmobile or paraglider slings, did not draw the first trace o..

3,760.0₽ Ex Tax: 3,760.0₽


An oar, a rope, a bicycle handlebar or a catamaran tiller — these gloves can do everything on the shoulder, or rather on the palm. Thanks to the complex cut, they sit as if poured in.The artificial le..

2,600.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,600.0₽

All-Season Waterproof Gloves (Keeptex)

Lightweight, elastic and durable spandex combined with high-quality leather make these waterproof breathable gloves very comfortable and comfortable. Specially designed for outdoor use at any time of ..

5,780.0₽ Ex Tax: 5,780.0₽

Gloves "Blast"

Insulated tactical gloves with shockproof inserts and reinforcing pads.,about insulationThe inner side of the palm and fingers are made of wear-resistant artificial suede (microfibre)Artificial suede ..

4,400.0₽ Ex Tax: 4,400.0₽

Gloves "Catch"

Lightweight, warm and dense gloves combine the cozy warming softness of fleece with the strength and non-blowing ability of nylon.Pads made of anti-slip material allow you to securely hold the steerin..

2,500.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,500.0₽

Gloves "Fleece"

Take them with you when leaving the house, and they will certainly be useful to you. They are pleasant to run on skis through the winter forest or in the morning through the stadium, wander with a cam..

885.0₽ Ex Tax: 885.0₽

Gloves "Force"

Tactical gloves with shockproof inserts and reinforcing padsThe palm is reinforced with a wear-resistant, anti-slip materialPolyurethane foam inserts protect the knuckles of the fist and the bones of ..

3,100.0₽ Ex Tax: 3,100.0₽

Gloves "Gale"

As long as the hands have not lost their sensitivity, and the head has the ability to think — any situation is under control.Therefore, if you like mountains, paragliding, skiing or cycling, hunting o..

1,185.0₽ Ex Tax: 1,185.0₽

Gloves "Grip"

Lightweight, breathable, absolutely comfortable gloves are suitable for both trekking in hot weather and for driving a car.If people could choose a second skin, it would be similar to Grip gloves, sin..

2,400.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,400.0₽

Gloves "Nerpa"

Main upper material: 100% polyester fabricPalm pad: genuine goatskinLining: knitted fabric 100% polyesterThe back of the palm is made of a durable high-tech material that reliably protects against win..

4,400.0₽ Ex Tax: 4,400.0₽

Gloves "Operate"

Tactical gloves with additional ventilation and protection against abrasion and slippingThe inner side of the palm and fingers is made of artificial suede, with perforations for ventilation in several..

1,485.0₽ Ex Tax: 1,485.0₽

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