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A Set Of Fastening Slings With Duraflex Three-Slats

Designed for attaching additional equipment to the external suspension of the backpack..

665.0₽ Ex Tax: 665.0₽

Backpack "Argon 50"

A small classic trekking backpackAnatomical suspension systemOn the back there are two aluminum armor platesAdjustable chest braceVentilated backRemovable belt with one zippered pocketAdditional front..

8,100.0₽ Ex Tax: 8,100.0₽

Backpack "Bastion 130"

Lightweight Trekking BackpackDue to the new design of the back (without the use of metal armor) and the use of lighter fabric, it was possible to reduce the weight of the backpackThe new back of the b..

9,375.0₽ Ex Tax: 9,375.0₽

Backpack "Cascade V. 2"

Tactical satchel with many external pocketsThe back of the backpack, thanks to its multi-layer structure, has high rigidity and provides excellent ventilationNon-removable straps with an anatomical si..

9,450.0₽ Ex Tax: 9,450.0₽

Backpack "Frontier 85"

A functional backpack for hiking and travelingAdjustable suspension systemThere are two aluminum armor plates on the backThe removable belt allows you to effectively redistribute the loadThe main volu..

9,675.0₽ Ex Tax: 9,675.0₽

Backpack "Seed M2"

Urban Tactical BackpackNon-removable straps with an anatomical silhouette. Two layers of foam and Airmesh mesh for softness and ventilation. Upper drawstrings. The PALS/MOLLE cells for attaching pouch..

8,015.0₽ Ex Tax: 8,015.0₽

Backpack "Zion"

Assault backpack for trekking, multisport and Alpine-style climbingA plastic insert in the back, combined with a removable duralumin lata, create a fairly rigid and comfortable backSoft cushions with ..

5,582.0₽ Ex Tax: 5,582.0₽

Backpack "Clever Pocket 23"

Breathable straps with mesh lining, shoulder straps, the top is twisted into a twist and snaps with a fastex, a lightweight adjustable belt, a flat external zip pocket, side mesh pockets.All this sugg..

5,757.0₽ Ex Tax: 5,757.0₽

Backpack "Clever Web 25"

Test yourself for strength in a multi-race, run to the nearest mountain pass or go on a picnic?Lightweight, comfortable, very compact, sealed backpack is the key to the success of any event.Breathable..

4,780.0₽ Ex Tax: 4,780.0₽

Backpack "Code 18"

A modern backpack that is great for both the office and for family walks on weekends.Soft backrestAirmesh mesh on the inside of the strapsDouble-lock zipper of the entrance to the main volume for easy..

4,500.0₽ Ex Tax: 4,500.0₽

Backpack "Cruiser M"

A medium-sized urban multifunctional backpack with the ability to carry a laptop. It will be convenient not only for everyday use, but also for business tripsAnatomical straps and ventilated backChest..

7,525.0₽ Ex Tax: 7,525.0₽

Backpack "Falcon 2M"


6,212.0₽ Ex Tax: 6,212.0₽

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