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Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags

Sleeping Bag "Ranger 4 XL"

A large sleeping bag for large people or for people who simply prefer increased comfortConstruction type: CocoonZipper: twisted detachable.Modifications are available with a right and left zipper, whi..

7,650.0₽ Ex Tax: 7,650.0₽

Sleeping Bag "Antris 120" Primaloft®


9,900.0₽ Ex Tax: 9,900.0₽

Sleeping Bag "Expedition 200"

Lightweight, versatile sleeping bag.The sleeping bag has an international certificate EN 13537Construction type: cocoonInternal zippered pocketZipper — detachable, double-sided, double-lock Modificati..

8,775.0₽ Ex Tax: 8,775.0₽

Sleeping Bag "Mega Light 50"

Who among us, throwing a backpack on the scales, does not feel anxiety, looking at the trembling arrow? The question of compactness and weight of equipment does not arise, probably, only for fans of t..

7,175.0₽ Ex Tax: 7,175.0₽

Sleeping Bag "Scout 2 K"

Extra comfort sleeping bagDesign type: Blanket with headrestZipper: detachable double-sided Insulated protective zipper subplankThe neck of the sleeping bag is pulled by a cord with a lockThe sleeping..

5,600.0₽ Ex Tax: 5,600.0₽

Sleeping Bag "Scout 3 K"


6,457.0₽ Ex Tax: 6,457.0₽

Sleeping Bag "Trial Light 100"

Even the best friend is not so easy to entrust his melancholy, fatigue and the most intimate thoughts… You can use a sleeping bag. It will make you forget about the difficulties of the way, warming, l..

8,032.0₽ Ex Tax: 8,032.0₽

Sleeping Bag Blanket "Cloud Light" Down

We are beginning to get used to the fact that the life of a hiker is a harsh thing and meekly obey the laws of minimalism. For those who prefer to sleep not only in warmth, but also in comfort, we adv..

10,920.0₽ Ex Tax: 10,920.0₽

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