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Adapters and Leg Platforms

Adapters and Leg Platforms

Adapter For A Quick Reset System

The universal adapter for the quick-release system allows you to maximize the comfort when using tile carriers and bibs with the use of quick-release accessories.The originality and simplicity of exec..

900.0₽ Ex Tax: 900.0₽

Adapter For MOLLE Crab-Alpha Large

The plastic adapter "Crab-Alpha" large for MOLLE is designed to place plastic holsters of the "Alpha" series on MOLLE equipment.Material: High-strength ABS plasticDesign features: To install the produ..

1,425.0₽ Ex Tax: 1,425.0₽

Loincloth Platform M. O. L. L. E.

Characteristics of the hip platform : made of Cordura material, durable, wear-resistant; there is a soft mesh on the inner side;on the outside of the belt for fastening according to the M. O. L. L. E...

2,200.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,200.0₽

Quick-Release Adapter Molle Mill

Quick-release adapter "Mill" for attaching plastic holsters anywhere at different angles.The adapter fits plastic holsters with a teck-lock mount.We offer you a very useful novelty from the company "S..

2,110.0₽ Ex Tax: 2,110.0₽

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