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Protective Glasses "Snow Relay" With A Replaceable Filter

Protective Glasses "Snow Relay" With A Replaceable Filter

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Ski mask glasses, unlike ordinary sunglasses, not only protect your eyes from ultraviolet light, improve contrast at dusk and allow you to better navigate when riding in fog. They fit snugly to the face, not letting the rays reflected from the snow and ice pass. In addition, the glasses protect the eyes from snow, wind, tree branches, and the face when falling.

Two filters of protective glasses "Snow Relay" allow you to adjust to different weather conditions and the degree of illumination.

The mirror filter allows you to ride in the bright sun., It reflects light, dims the sun's glare, increases contrast and reduces light transmission to 8-18%.

The enlightened filter allows you to ride in cloudy weather and twilight. It increases the contrast of the visible terrain, allowing the rider to better navigate the slope in poor visibility conditions, and provides light transmission up to 40-80%.

The plastic of the lenses with an anti-scratch coating applied by a chemical method is reliably protected from scratches. The glasses will last you a long time.,

The anti-fog coating and forced ventilation of the frame do not allow the glasses to fog up in the most difficult weather conditions.

The lenses are easy to change, while they sit tightly and securely on the frame. You can not be afraid to break your glasses when you fall.

  • The lenses are double.

  • Filters:
    - Mirror, S3 (8-18% of light transmission)
    - Illuminated with good contrast, S1 (43-80% of light transmission)

  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings protect the lens from dust, dirt, water

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