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Jacket "Panzer Light"

Jacket "Panzer Light"

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Fans of hiking, mountain, skiing and cycling, as well as hunters and fishermen have already fallen in love with this seemingly inconspicuous suit during the existence of this suit.

The Corip fabric is 100% lighter than the avizent, while it is durable, soft," breathable "(due to the lack of a polyurethane coating), it protects well from the wind, does not rustle and does not restrict movements.

WR 100% water-repellent impregnation protects against splashes and light rain. Heavy or prolonged rain requires additional protection.

It does not freeze and dries quickly.,

Once during a winter hike to the Sarek Ridge in Sweden, I had to go for a week in a blizzard, and even in such conditions there were no complaints about the jacket. Thanks to the texture of the fabric, the jacket does not interfere with working on the bivouac when you put a powder puff on it.

Friends, employees and children of the Company went in "Panzer Light" suits to winter Khibiny, to the summer Tien Shan , to the Altai and the Caucasus, not to mention the exits in the middle lane.

Not burdened with unnecessary "baubles" and "gadgets", the suit has everything that makes life easier on the route:, the hood is adjustable in volume and the oval of the face, and you can pull and release the cord with one hand in a glove, the collar of the jacket is lined with soft fleece, a windproof front zipper strap, a tightening drawstring with a lock at the bottom of the jacket to protect against wind, four bulky pockets on the jacket and four on the trousers, articulated knees and tightening drawstring at the bottom of the trousers.

The costume is thought out, executed and tested by experienced travelers. We recommend it!,

Lightweight jacket for hiking and traveling, made of very durable fabric Sogir resistant to abrasion and tearing

It breathes, protects well from the wind

WR 100% impregnation

Four external zippered pockets

Voluminous hood with face oval adjustment

Tightening drawstring at the bottom of the jacket


  • Corip 100% nylon fabric with the use of twisted thread. Twisted nylon thread and rip-stop with a step of 2x2 mm, gives high strength characteristics and protects well from the wind., The relatively low weight combined with high strength makes this fabric truly unique
  • Due to the absence of PU (polyurethane) coating and lamination, the fabric breathes well
  • Lightweight mesh lining

Product weight:

  • 44-46/170-176 r-r — 620 g
  • 48-50/170-176 r-r — 641 g
  • 52-54/182-188 r-r-682 g
  • 56-58/182-188 r-r — 741 g

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