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Protective Overalls (Casper) Spunbond CM. 40 g / sq. m

Protective Overalls (Casper) Spunbond CM. 40 g / sq. m

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The Casper jumpsuit is designed to protect against various types of household and industrial pollution. The field of application of such disposable protective overalls is industrial and food production, agriculture, the automotive industry, painting, paint and other construction and finishing works.

The jumpsuit is made of spunbond-a non-woven material, the density of which is only 40 g/m2, which makes the jumpsuit very light and durable, the structure of the material provides good ventilation. Also, this material is not able to accumulate static electricity.

This type of workwear allows you to cover the entire body and head, leaving only the face, hands and feet open, for the protection of which other types of PPE are used.

The bottom of the sleeves and trousers, as well as the edge of the hood, have an elastic elastic band that provides a tight fit.

The hood allows you to use protective glasses and a respirator at the same time, which makes it possible to use all auxiliary protective equipment.

The Casper protective suit can withstand high humidity and temperature changes.

A zipper is sewn into the center of the jumpsuit from the neck to the convenience.

Universal size (46-54 for height up to 185 cm)

Color: White

Density: 40.0 g / m?

Manufacturer: Russia

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