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Windbreaker Tarpaulin

Windbreaker Tarpaulin

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"And often in the evenings, in the evenings, when I am suffocating from comfort, there will suddenly be a whiff of crackling bonfires from the blue edge of the gas over the comfort ..." (B.Vakhnyuk)

Once, when we ran home, we buried our faces in a windbreaker hanging on a hanger, and inhaled the smell of a fire. We went on any hikes in storm jackets and at any time of the year. They were not bitten by mosquitoes, they were not blown through, they did not melt from fire sparks. True, they froze, slowly dried out and were too heavy.

Now, when there are a lot of light modern jackets, a real canvas windbreaker can be found quite rarely., But even now there is nothing better to find for a forest and a fire. Synthetics do not like fire. And if you don't want your favorite fleece jacket to have a small (or large) hole, it's time to remember about the tarpaulin.

The jacket in the "Retro" style is made of high-quality tarpaulin. It is very durable, it breathes well. And in general, it is pleasant and beloved, like the songs of a Vizbor on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

The hood, adjustable along the oval of the face, elastic bands on the sleeves and a puff at the bottom of the jacket protect from mosquitoes and wind.

Matches, a compass, a map and other necessary items will easily fit in four bulky pockets.,

If you like to meet the dawns on the steep shore, wander through the summer tundra, collect cloudberries and cranberries in the swamps, sing in the evenings by the fire — this storm jacket is for you.

Jacket in the "Retro" style

With buttons

Hood, adjustable to the oval of the face

Elastic band at the waist and at the bottom of the sleeves

The bottom of the jacket is adjustable in size with a cord

4 external pockets


  • 100% cotton

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