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Thermal Underwear Pants

Thermal Underwear Pants "Camel Wool"

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Did you miss the summer? Winter can also be bright and joyful!

The sun is reflected in endless tiny mirrors, trying to compensate for the lack of heat with light. The air is so delicious that it is not possible to breathe enough of it. And the cold?.. Cold weather is terrible only for those who are not sufficiently insulated.

Thermal underwear made of camel wool, designed for low temperatures, protects against hypothermia and warms even when the wool is wet.

It is suitable for hunters, fishermen, extreme athletes and city residents in those (now rare) moments when winter remembers about the legendary Russian frosts.

It has long been known that at low temperatures there is nothing better than wool, which warms well, allowing the body to breathe.

Camel wool, in addition, has a hollow fiber structure, which makes products from it warmer and lighter than from the wool of other animals.

Animal wax lanolin, which is present in large quantities in camel hair, increases its density and provides high strength. In addition, lanolin neutralizes the toxins produced by the body, so the wool does not accumulate unpleasant odors.

Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers present in the yarn are synthetic fibers that imitate wool, which retain heat well, increase the strength and wear resistance of clothing, reduce the drying time and facilitate the care of underwear.

The anatomical cut of thermal underwear allows it to fit as closely as possible to the body, which enhances the positive properties of clothing, flat seams do not rub the skin.

A belt made of an elastic band 4 cm wide, sewn with a flat seam to the edge of the fabric (no excessive thickness and insulation). The belt is located at the optimal height — high enough, but not sliding and not bending when bending.


  • 50% camel hair
  • 50% PAN

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